Roseanna Porcelain Alphabet Trinket Tray (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Roseanna Porcelain Alphabet Trinket Tray (Nordstrom Exclusive)


Browser Button Confirmation Page | About Pinterest

Browser Button Confirmation Page | About Pinterest

♡•°I Ain’t Sorry •Beyonce°•♡ (Practicing Hope U Like )

♡•°I Ain't Sorry •Beyonce°•♡
(Practicing Hope U Like )

♡•°I Ain’t Sorry •Beyonce°•♡
(Practicing Hope U Like )
by godsglamgirl featuring a heart tee

Heart tee

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I’ve found a beautiful icon on LINE DECO!

My Family Survived the Louisiana Flood but Needs Help♥


Please Help My Family 

Dear Beautiful People, 
My Family Alisha (39) ♡Alma Jean,70 (My Mother)♡ Amauria,14 (My Daughter) lost our home & car in the recent floods in Louisiana.I humble myself in asking for your help .I didn’t want to ask for help, but a former co worker urged me to not be ashamed or afraid to ask others for help. My family and I were fortunate in that we are alive and together, unlike some of our fellow citizens. But we are overwhelmed by the sheer cost of survival each day—not to mention what it will cost to rebuild our homes. We’ll be grateful for any assistance.

Our home has been declared a total loss as well as our car! We left with the clothes on our backs. It is blessing that we have each other. However we can use the help of those who are fortunate enough to Bless Us. Our home was a total loss & our most cherished possessions and money won’t fix that, but it will help deal with the aftermath. The funds collected through this site will help us replace items that are not covered through flood insurance. Sadly, flood insurance will not cover the cost for personal loss. Structurally, our home was delcared as a loss. I am needing help because of an expensive medical machine that is necessary for my daily living that was destroyed along with very costly medication.I continue to fight daily & I refuse to give up. On behalf of my mother & daughter I ask that you will consider helping us because our recovery process is slow& we need help!! Please consider helping by donating what you can…I am reaching as a fighter of this chronic illness & The flood has but a strain on my health mentally physically & emotionally so my mother is carrying the load which isn’t easy but I have Hope & Faith in our Recovery & Rebuilding. So this is the least I can do to contribute to this catastrophic episode of our lives refuse to give up! FEMA denied my application for assistance to replace MY personal property along with my daughter’s  it is heartbreaking! I have always been a giver to those in need but its my time now! Please give what you can. Also, continue to pray for the thousands of people displaced from the recent flooding in Louisiana. We are blessed to have each other and know that rebuilding our lives is minimal compared to what others in our community are dealing with.

We’ve definitely been shaken, but we’re also strong, resilient, and faithful in our belief that better days are ahead. We’re doing our best every day to get closer to a normal life again. With your generous help, we’ll be able to get there sooner.  Thank you for your donations and continued prayers. 

Thanks for reading my story. Any amount you can give will mean the world to us.

We love you all! 
Alisha D.Matthews 
The Matthews Family (Alma Jean & Amauria Alex)

【★#ΙΑΜ ⓐⓛⓘⓢⓗⓐ★】♡



BE HAPPY LOAFERS by godsglamgirl on Polyvore

Silhouette Heart

loafers.jpg (1792×1919)

positive mind ️

Beyonce is…. Online!


The Queen Bey has a New… Home! She has her own place on the web and she celebrates with her beys! Wanna be in touch with her? Just go there! Share your thoughts with the Queen Bey stay connected,stay tuned and be good to each other ! This is only the beginning! Welcome to Beyhive!


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